David Nicol


I retired in 2017 and now volunteer on local radio , music festivals/events. I also occasionally
work with local bands arranging gigs, filming and arranging logistics.
Local radio has fuelled my passionate interest in media in general. A lucky break and chance introduc
tion found me with involved in local radio. This where I begun putting my skills to use and have continue
to learn how to adapt my skills to our mutual benefit. I now produce and present a very successful Celtic
music show The Thursday Cèilidh and now Sounds Cèilidh Ive also produced and presented Country
Music shows and Drivetime shows.
Early involvement in industrial photography and film lead to my first media involvement in television as
an underwater cameraman / commercial diver. I produced footage for promotional films and documen
tary films. I later trained in how to produce and create convincing and persuasive presentations for busi
ness development and have continued to use these throughout my main career in diving and underwa
ter engineering.
I also produce more focused specialist music shows. This include interviews with artists, storytelling etc..
I am also developing a collaborative approach including working with other radio and televisions stations
both in the UK , Europe and North America.

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